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  • May 27, 2020


その中で、パーカッションのプロジェクトが生まれ、TAIKO - RMにリンク。演奏技術を上げるだけではなく、遊びながら創作も始まりました。




An unprecedented situation continues with the declaration of emergency regarding COVID-19 issued on April 7, 2020. Even in such a situation, stay in touch, connect and enjoy something. S.Zip has been collaborating with other independent groups and players to make various efforts every Sunday from April.

Remote workshop lessons started with LINE calls are now online at Zoom. Since we can't always use musical instruments at home, we've been trying a lot of things, such as buzzing training, training to catch pitches with songs, as well. So far many high school students, university brass band, independent group players, and a lot of people gather, and it's exciting every week!

In the process, a percussion project was born and linked to TAIKO-RM. The project started not only for the purpose of improving playing skills, but also for fun while creating.
TAIKO - Rhythm in Motion